Welcome to PainDatabase!

1. How the heck do I share my own treatment reviews?

Simple — just scroll to the end of any treatment, then click on the blue “Reply” button. Post your review, and that’s it! Note that you can only post personal reviews there; any other kind of post has to go in the chat category.

2. What is PainDatabase, and who the heck are you?

PainDatabase is the Internet’s database of pain treatment reviews, and a place to chat about chronic pain. If you want to message us, click here.

It was founded by Kamal Patel (aka me who’s typing this), a nutrition researcher with a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that causes widespread pain. His day job is running Examine.com, the most comprehensive nutrition and supplement research site in the world.

PainDatabase was initially launched in 2011, after seeing a million doctors and having too many failed surgeries, injections, and wacky treatments. It was relaunched in 2019 with a supercool new format. I got help with PainDatabase from my Ehlers-Danlos pal and confidant (and new mom as of 2019!), Keeli Fricks. Here’s an awkwardly-posed picture of us from a few years ago.


My goal is to help at least one internet stranger live with a little less pain. Preferably more than one stranger though, and preferably a lot less pain! I know how much chronic pain can totally suck, and how it can hugely affect your mood. For well over a decade, my job has centered around reviewing clinical trial evidence in different medical fields, so I figured that I might as well put those skills to use for the greater good.

This website makes zero dollars and zero cents, but costs some money to maintain. So we rely on two things to keep chugging out reviews:

  1. Good karma

  2. Your participation — please use our reviews, post in the forum, and share the site with your friends/family who have pain.

Lastly and very importantly:

We are not giving medical advice! Always talk to your doctor before trying any therapy. This website is purely informational.

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