You’re short on time. Work sucks. Health is part of your “to do” list. Don’t worry. In a series of simple and elegant graphics, you can learn what’s most important for health in a matter of minutes.

See if you learn something new in these graphics on evaluating your poop and pee, changing your cardio for the better, learning about sleep, and living longer. Next week, Part 2 of this series will have four more gems.


This one’s sort of a mixed bag.

The “whole grains + peppermint tea” = nice poop is overly simplistic. Whole grains may have a net negative impact on your gut via gluten and wheat germ agglutinin, but for those who eat unhealthy, whole wheat can at least get the ol’ bowels moving with insoluble fiber. It’s a lot more complicated than just that though. And peppermint tea is not a panacea for poop problems, although there is strong evidence on peppermint for irritable bowel syndrome.

But this infographic is also majorly awesome for reviewing poop shapes, pee problems, and other interesting tidbits. (source)



I love this one. Basically, most people at the gym do long, boring bouts of cardio. Short, intense spurts of cardio (HIIT) can provide more benefit in terms of calorie burning and muscle building. Both have their place, but you should consider doing some HIIT if your body is up to it. Just don’t overdo it–HIIT can be very taxing on your body. (source)



Sleep is so freakin’ fascinating. Have you heard the theory that sleep is our natural state, and when we’re awake it’s just to gather resources to allow us to sleep? Have you ever lucid dreamed? Have you ever tried biphasic sleep? Maybe my waking life is too boring, but sleep is awesome. It’s where I’m a Viking! (source)



I included this one because it’s cute, not because it’s incredibly accurate. It is not. Most of these are based on studies of correlation, which as we all know, does not imply causation. But there are some important reminders that fall by the wayside too often: be positive, try to meditate if you feel so inclined, have some houseplants (as my fellow Kamal talks about at his TED talk, this can help you “grow” fresh air indoors), and don’t sit all day long. (source)



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  1. Hello up there! I say that as I have to scroll way down here to write. I love the health infographics; it is nice to see information in a combination of formats, helps me to get it anyway! Just one thing on your site, to get to your daily posts I have to scroll down to get to the most recent one but can’t scroll down and stay in that category of posts at the same time…will ask Jen how to do it in case in is my flat computer learning curve! Thanks again! Martha


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