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Hi! My name is Kamal Patel, and I’m a PhD student in Nutrition and a researcher for an evidence-based medicine center. I like reading about nutrition and pain, listening to oldies music, and keeping an open mind. Previously, I’ve been a personal trainer, meditation researcher, and ice cream scooper. Out of those three things, I’d say that ice cream is the one that’s best for my pain in the short run, especially Ben&Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie. I have an MPH and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and have been a coauthor on a number of peer-reviewed articles, mostly in the Annals of Internal Medicine. They cover the subjects of vitamin D and heart health, vitamin D and calcium, grocery options for low-income families, prostate cancer treatments, and sleep apnea.

As a chronic pain patient who has seen a million doctors and had too many surgeries, injections, and wacky treatments, my goal is to help at least one internet stranger live with a little less pain. Preferably more than one stranger though, and preferably a lot less pain! I know how much chronic pain can totally suck, and how it can hugely affect your mood. For several years, my day job has centered around reviewing clinical trial evidence in different medical fields, so I figured that I might as well put those skills to use for the greater good.

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Hello world! I’m Keeli and I’m way too excited to be a part of the goings-on here at PainDatabase. I’m from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, recently graduated from Clemson University with a BA and am now in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina, slowly building up a self-sufficient homestead with my fiancee.keeli

With an interest in all things related to ancestral health for the last three years, and all things related to pain relief and coping with illness for pretty much a lifetime, my goal here is to help fight back against pain and its physical and emotional ramifications. Like the other charming author of this site, I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Along with Ehlers-Danlos, I’ve struggled with scoliosis, POTS and Orthostatic Intolerance, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Reynaud’s, migraines, some serious short- and long-term injuries that plague me to this day, and possibly worst of all: a history of endless doctors’ visits.

My favorite coping methods include eating expensive chocolate, hugs, meditation, homemade ice-cream, old Disney movies, cuddling with any and all of my four dogs and crazy Bengal cat, and finding things about which I’m passionate.

To my fellow humans in pain: you’re not alone, and you’ve come to the right place. Pain sucks – life doesn’t have to.

XOXOXO and the gentlest of bear hugs to you, you amazing soul. Let’s be friends.



  1. Congratulations on launching the site. Looking forward to your posts!

    • Thanks AB! I look forward to you looking forward to my posts.

  2. Don’t think I posted yet, but won’t bet on that. Again, thanks for doing this.

  3. Thanks AB and ME!

  4. Excellent, Kamal.  I’m glad you have launched your own site!   Congrats.

    • Thanks C. Rex!

  5. SO what diet are u following that gave u most success?

    Id love your thoughts on the Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live Nutritarian diet.

    • I don’t think any single diet is right for all pain conditions. But in general, a diet low in specific antinutrients that may flare pain, coupled with foods very high certain micronutrients and polyphenols would be recommended. I’m only vaguely familiar with Dr. Fuhrman’s diet through watching an infomercial, so I’ll check it out formally.

  6. Just happened upon your site and spent most of the evening reading it. I have psoriatic arthritis which is, for now, in control. I love all of the nutrition epidemiology you review (I am an environmental epidemiologist) and your meta-analytic approach. And, you have the compassion of a fellow chronic pain sufferer. Thanks so much.

    • Thanks! It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated the site, but new articles are now in the pipeline. Hope your pain is still under control.

  7. Keeli~
    I have Ehlers Danlos as well! Just found your site and am excited about it. 😀

    • Christy, I’m so glad you’re excited 😀 Less glad to hear about the EDS, though! Please do feel free to drop me (or Kamal, I’ll totally speak for him) a line through the Contact Us page and I’ll get right back to you.

      Gentle and big hugs:)

  8. Hello! I’m really interested in talking with you guys, because I also have Ehlers-Danlos and have tried many of the approaches you discuss on this website. The “contact us” form doesn’t work. Is this website even still active? Thanks.


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